How To Use Pinterest to Plan Your Next Vacation (or anything else) Part 3

Part Three: Adding a map to your Pinterest board and more


Pinterest is a fabulous tool for collecting notes on almost any endeavor, and it’s particularly well-suited for planning your next vacation. As a social network, Pinterest is becoming a powerful place to search for information on almost any topic, and its image-based layout will draw you into faraway places right from your desktop.

In these posts I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to set up your own Pinterest account to plan your vacation. Today we’re talking about extra-credit tips, like how to add a map to your Pinterest board!

(Need tips on setting up an account and adding pins with Pinterest? Check out my two previous posts on this topic: and ).

How to Add a Map to Your Pinterest Board

Your vacation board is taking shape. How can you enhance it with even more information? One way is to add a map to your board. If you check out our Hawaii – The Big Island – Kohala Coast board you’ll notice there’s a map along with the pins. How did it get there?

pin11Adding locations to your pins is actually quite easy. First find the board on your profile page, click the little pencil or the edit button, and toggle the “add a map” option to “on”. Then choose a pin, and click to edit (look for the pencil icon at the top of the pin – you can only edit pins that you have pinned or re-pinned to your own boards). When the editing box pops up, you’ll see all the info available for you to customize. Where it says “place”, start typing in the name of the place you’d like to identify with that pin.

pin12My place is a restaurant with an address, but if yours is more of a general area like a beach try typing in the name of the beach – it will probably pop up! Choose the location that best matches your pin, then click Save Changes. Boom – a map pops up on your pin board with a little arrow in your location! To add more locations to your board, just go back to your other pins and add their location info too. Soon you’ll have a map of all your pins.

How to Upload Your Own Images to Pinterest

Another thing that can really enhance your boards, and Pinterest in general, is adding your own images. When you return from your vacation, why not add a few of your own photos to Pinterest? You can add images from your computer by going to your Pinterest profile page. (Tap or click on your name or the little “person” icon to go to your profile page). Now look for a plus sign. It’s a bit hard to find when you use Pinterest in your browser – here’s a photo:

How To Use Pinterest to Plan Your Next Vacation (or anything else) Part 1

pin13When you click the plus, you’ll get a box asking where you’d like to pin from. If you’re using the app to upload photos from your phone or tablet, select “Photos” or, if you’re uploading from your computer, select “Upload a Pin”. Now choose your photo and Pin It. Be sure to add a descriptive caption – this pin has no link to a website so your caption is all the information viewers will get. (If you’d like to add a website link or a location to the pin, you can edit the pin later).

How to Share Your Pinterest Pins or Your Pinterest Board

You can share your pins or an entire board by email or on Facebook by clicking on the paper airplane or the Facebook share icon. This is a great way to get the whole gang excited about your vacation and share ideas too!


Thanks for reading all my tips about planning your vacation with Pinterest. If you have questions or comments, please let me know in the comments section below. Happy Pinning!