How To Use Pinterest to Plan Your Next Vacation (or anything else) Part 2

Part Two: Setting up your first Pinterest Board


How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Next Vacation, or anything else

Pinterest is a fabulous tool for collecting notes on almost any endeavor, and it’s particularly well-suited for planning your next vacation. As a social network, Pinterest is becoming a powerful place to search for information on almost any topic, and its image-based layout will draw you into faraway places right from your desktop.

In these posts I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to set up your own Pinterest account to plan your vacation. Today we’ll discuss how to create your first Pinterest board, and start pinning!

(Need tips on setting up an account with Pinterest? Check out my previous post on this topic: ).

Creating your first Pinterest Board

What is a Pinterest board?

As we’ve seen from exploring a few pins, a Pinterest board is a set of pins curated by a Pinner. Boards can be specific in their focus, like “Universal Orlando”, or they can be general like “My Favorite Things”. Most personal boards are just that – personal expressions of an interest, ambition, or project.

You can set up your boards as Public or Secret, so you can choose whether you want the world to see your boards or not. I do encourage you to share as you feel comfortable – all those pins in your pin feed are there because some generous individual decided the world should see them.

So how do you plan your vacation using Pinterest? By setting up your own fabulous pin boards of course!

How to Pin a Pinterest Pin to Your Own Board (Re-Pin)

Let’s get started. Log in to your Pinterest account, your pin feed should pop up, with all those lovely images. It’s time to organize some into your own board.

First decide what you want your board to be about. For instance, if you’re planning a trip to Orlando you might make a board called “Florida”, “Orlando”, or “Disney World”.

Next, find some pins! You may already have pins related to your vacation in your pin feed right now. Take a look – is there a pin you’d like to save for future reference? Give it a click or tap, or just hover over the pin until you see the Pin It icon. Choose Pin It.

pin10A box will pop up asking you to pick a board or create a new one. Since you don’t have any boards yet, click on “Create a Board” (in the app, the “create a board” option may appear as a small plus sign in a box near the top).

How To Use Pinterest to Plan Your Next Vacation (or anything else) Part 3


Now you can name your board, decide if you want it secret or not, and add any other pinners to the board (right now just leave that part blank). Then tap Create Board.

A note will pop up saying your pin was added to the board. This is called a “re-pin”, when you pin someone else’s pin to your board.

Want to see your new board, and make edits to the description? Just click on your name or the person icon (in the app). This will take you to your profile page. Find your board and simply tap “edit” to make any changes to it.

Now hit the Pinterest (p with a circle) logo to go back to your pin feed. You might just see your own pin right there at the top. Congratulations – you are a Pinterest pinner!

Scroll down. Are there any other pins here that you’d like to add to your board? Just use that “pin it” icon and add them too. Use the search bar to find more pins related to your vacation.

What else can you pin to your vacation board? Almost anything on the World Wide Web! Let’s talk about pinning from a website.

How to Pin Onto Your Pinterest Board From a Website

As an example, let’s say I’m visiting and I like the “33 Things To Know Before You Go To Universal Orlando” article. I’d like to save this to my board. Looking at the article, there is a Pinterest icon on the left side of the page, and when I hover over any image on the page I also see a Pinterest icon (you might also see a little “pin it” too). All I need to do is click on one of these icons and a box will pop up, just like when I’m in Pinterest. I choose my board, click “pin it” and my pin is added – I never even had to leave the website!

pin8Pinterest will probably suggest that you add their “Pin it” button to your browser’s toolbar. I highly recommend this. Not all sites have handy icons standing by like we do at If you have the Pin It button on your toolbar you can easily pin something from almost any website.

Now if we do head back to Pinterest we’ll see that new pin on the board. Click through on the image and you will be right back to that article you wanted to keep. Which leads me to another Pinterest Mind-Blow: Pinterest is actually a really cool alternative to your browser’s Bookmarks or Favorites button. You can save website links by pinning images onto your Pinterest boards and use your boards just like bookmark folders, only way prettier!

Try a Hostel for Your Next Vacation

A few tips for your pinning pleasure:

When you view your pins in Pinterest, you can edit them to make the captions more descriptive. I recommend taking the time to make your own notes in the caption, whatever you’d like to remember about that pin.

Pins rely on IMAGES. Unfortunately some websites don’t have any images to pin. You could upload your own image and link it to the website but that is beyond our basic training here. So when you see something you want to pin, remember the heart of the pin will be an image from the site.

Sometimes when you hit the pin it button you will get to choose from more than one image. Always pick the one you like best – this is your pin board, give it your personality!

So, how can you use Pinterest to plan your next vacation? How about visiting your hotel’s website and choosing a few things to pin to your board? Or maybe add pins from restaurants and shops you’re thinking of visiting. Or make a pin linking to the airport’s website. All of these can collectively create a single statement about your trip. Just like an old-fashioned bulletin board filled with clippings. Once your board is pinned to the brim, you’ll be ready to go!

Thanks for learning about Pinterest with me. Next time we’ll talk about some advanced Pinterest moves, like adding a map to your board.

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