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Episode 17: Disney World Tips to Help You Get Ready for Your Trip

In this episode, I share lots of tips for how to get ready for your visit to Walt Disney World. You’ll hear advice for planning your trip, what to buy before you get there, and how to prepare for your time in the parks.

Listen to the episode for lots more detail about this topic.

This is day 9 of the Go Informed podcast series 10 Days to a Better Disney World Vacation.

Top Disney World Tips To Help You Get Ready for Your Trip

Tip #1: Do Your Research

Listening to these 10 episodes is a good start!

Get a good guidebook. My recommendation is the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.

Pinterest is an excellent place to search for, and discover, online information about your trip to Disney World. Here’s a link to my Disney World board on Pinterest.

Here’s my post with recommended podcasts, books, and websites that will help you get ready for Disney World.

YouTube is also a good place to get Disney World information, including ride videos. If you’re not sure if your kids will be OK on some of the rides, watch the video with your kids ahead of time and find out what you can expect.

Tip #2: Make a Plan

Start thinking about what you want to do and see. What experiences are important to you? What kind of schedule do you want to be on?

Be careful not to overschedule.

Check out a crowd calendar. TouringPlans.com has an amazing crowd prediction system.

Tip #3: Buy Your Park Ticket in Advance

You need to have a park ticket before you make your FastPass+ reservations.

Decide whether you need a single-park ticket or a Park Hopper ticket.

Tip #4: Make Your Dining and FastPass+ Reservations as Far in Advance as Possible

Episode 12 is all about dining & FastPass+ reservations.


Tip #5: Start Training for Your Trip

You are going to spend a lot of time on your feet at Disney World, and will walk around 10-12 miles every day! Start walking, and be sure to include your travel companions in this training too.

Get yourself some shoes that you could run a marathon in. And make sure you have comfortable socks and clothing too.

Decide if you need to rent a stroller or a scooter.

Tip #6: Count Down to Your Trip

You can use a countdown app or make a calendar or a paper chain.

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Tip #7: Get Your Whole Crew Informed About Disney World

Share information with your traveling companions to help them get excited and on the same page about what to expect.

Share some of these 10 episodes with your buddies. You can share from your favorite podcast app, or send links to any of the episodes from here:

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Disney World Tips For Getting Ready For Your Trip

Tips for Your First Day in the Disney World Parks

Get a guidebook for the members of your travel group. A few books I recommend to help get visitors excited and educated about Disney World:

Birnbaum’s Official Guide to Walt Disney World

Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World for Kids

Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids

And be sure to include your kids in the planning for your trip as much as possible.

Tip #8: Decide if You Want to Purchase the Memory Maker Photo Package

Buy Memory Maker in advance so it’s all good to go. Here’s Disney’s Memory Maker information.

Tip #9: Watch the Weather Forecast and Prepare for the Weather

Know what the weather typically looks like for the time of year you’re visiting. Orlando weather can be volatile so be sure to keep an eye on the forecast as your trip dates approach.

Here is my post about dealing with the summer weather at Disney World.

Tip #10: Purchase Some Supplies Before You Get to Disney World

If you’ll be visiting Orlando in any of the summer months, you will need to have a poncho. Disney World has ponchos for sale, but you can buy a much nicer poncho for less money when you shop ahead. Here is an Amazon link to the poncho we use.

A personal fan is really nice to have along on a hot Florida day.

Wet Ones antibacterial wipes are a convenient way to help keep germs at bay at Disney World.

Think about getting a backpack for each member of your group. A backpack is a handy way to carry supplies for the day and to keep your souvenirs secure on the roller coasters. We use a simple drawstring backpack like this – it’s lightweight, folds up small in our luggage, and holds our mouse ears and jackets perfectly.

Tip #11: Watch the Movies

Movie night is a fun way to get ready for your trip. Some of the most common movie references you’ll find in the Disney World parks are:

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Toy Story

Star Wars

Beauty and the Beast

Pirates of the Caribbean

Finding Nemo


Tip #12: Check-in Before You Go

You can check-in several weeks before your trip, allowing you to skip the hotel’s front desk completely. Disney texts you your room number and you use your Magic Band as the key. Here’s Disney’s info about online check-in.

Tip #13: Download Apps

Get your phone ready for your Disney World trip by downloading the apps you’ll need.

My Disney Experience


Uber   Here’s a discount promo code for your first ride with Uber: 5YJ9X

Tip #14: Check the Park Schedules

Park schedules can change, even the day before. Keep an eye on the park opening and closing times.

Tip #15: Set Realistic Expections

Talk with your fellow travelers to make sure you’re on the same page about what you’ll be doing on your Disney World trip. And stay flexible – not everything will go according to plan, no matter how prepared you are.

Tip #16: Don’t Arrive Exhausted

Do your best to arrive rested. And give yourself and your kids a break if you start your trip tired.

Tip #17: Charge Your Phone

You will need a full battery in the parks.

Tip #18: Don’t Forget Your Magic Band or Park Ticket

We wear our Magic Bands on the plane so we know we haven’t left them behind.


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