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Episode 12: Disney World Dining and FastPass+ Reservations

Advance reservations can be your key to skipping lines and beating the crowds at Disney World. In this episode I discuss why you should make Disney World dining and FastPass+ reservations, how far in advance you should make these reservations, and strategies to help you start making a plan for your days in the parks.

Listen to the episode for lots of detail about this topic.

This is day 4 of the Go Informed podcast series 10 Days to a Better Disney World Vacation.

Why Should You Make Advance Dining and FastPass+ Reservations at Disney World?

Disney World dining and FastPass+ reservations give you certainty that you have a spot at a restaurant or at a show or a ride even during a busy time. This can go a long way for your peace of mind.

These reservations are not required, but I strongly suggest that you take advantage of the opportunity so you don’t miss out on something you really want to do or see.

How Far in Advance Can You Make Disney World Dining and FastPass+ Reservations?

Dining reservations: 180 days ahead

FastPass+ reservations: 60 days ahead if you stay at an on-site Disney World resort, 30 days ahead if you stay elsewhere

There are some other nuances between staying on-site vs. off-site which I discuss in the episode.

Yesterday’s episode was all about where to stay when you visit Disney World. That’s Day 3 in this 10 Day series – you can click here to listen to it now.

Making Dining Reservations at Disney World

You can make your dining reservations on the Disney World website, on the Disney World/My Disney Experience app, or by phone.

If you’ve ever used Open Table, Disney’s online/app reservation system will look familiar.

I recommend only making one advance dining reservation for each day so you can stay flexible in your park touring. Usually we make a reservation for lunch so we know we have a mid-day break.

Make the reservation for a place near/where you’re going to be.

Last-minute reservations do come up. Watch the Disney World app and don’t give up.

You can use a breakfast reservation to get into the Disney World parks before the official opening time. Here’s my post about how we used a breakfast reservation to beat the crowd at Epcot’s Frozen Ride.


Making FastPass+ Reservations at Disney World

FastPass+ is an advance reservation for an attraction in the Disney World parks. This includes rides, shows, and sometimes fireworks and parade viewing spots.

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A good resource to help you figure out which rides you should pick for your FastPass+ and what time of day you should schedule them is TouringPlans.com.

You can make 3 FastPass+ advance reservations for each day, all in the same park.

You can book your FastPass+ reservations using the Disney World website or on the Disney World/My Disney Experience app.

Don’t schedule your FastPass+ reservations for first thing in the morning. This is the time of day when the waits are shortest. It’s much more efficient to use your FastPasses for the busy time of day (which is usually the afternoon/evening).

Learn What’s At Disney World Before You Make Your Dining and FastPass+ Reservations

The next four episodes are tours of the Disney World parks, so you can start thinking about what’s in each park and start planning where you want go during your trip. This can help you decide where you want your reservations.

Go Informed podcast Disney World audio park tours: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Here’s my Disney World Pinterest board, which has Disney World info from all over the web.

Get Help From an Expert

The guidebook I recommend in this episode is The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.

If this seems totally overwhelming, consider having a travel agent who is a Disney World specialist book your trip. They can make all the reservations for you, including dining and FastPass+ reservations.

Tomorrow’s episode, Day 5 of 10 Days to a Better Disney World Vacation, is a tour of the Magic Kingdom theme park. Click here to listen now.

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The guidebook I recommend: Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

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